Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Weigh-in.. Jenny Craig week 1

I have to confess, I woke up nervous as I needed to weigh myself this morning. While my jeans feel looser, I have to confess after a meal out and a visit to a friends (involving cake) I wondered whether the scales would be kind. 

Before I tell you about what happened when I stepped on the scales, I must first explain that my eating habits appear to have altered dramatically and in only one week. I am thinking 'do i really need that?' and instead making myself a cup of tea while I contemplate raiding the biscuits. In the time it takes me to drink my tea it has been time for a snack according in line with my menu. 

Eating out I decided to choose a fairly healthy noodle option laden with stir-fry veg and chilli, on the back of the weekly menu it gives you tips on how best to eat out according to your calorie allowance. I looked at the desert menu and decided there was nothing I really wanted. I was happy in the knowledge that this meant I could treat myself to a low fat hot chocolate at home before bed!

So, according to the scales I have lost 5lbs this week! Which I'm amazed with! I have gone from having no waist to having a hint of one in the space of a week. To be honest, I'm less interested in the lb's I have lost and more excited by the fact I can sit down in my jeans without feeling like I'm about to be cut in half!! Anyway, I now have to refocus on the week ahead, I have a fabulous lasagne for dinner to look forward to which I'll enjoy with a big portion of vegetables, who'd have thought I could have lasagne as a diet food?! My goal for this week is a 1lb, as I'm sure over Easter I may find myself eating out more and let's face it..if I get a visit from the Easter Bunny I might find myself eating a small Easter egg!

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  1. Well done!!! Enjoy Easter and a little chocolate treat! Just can never be as bad as the year of "Warren"! x